Wig Making & Styling Essential Kit

Are you looking for all the necessary accessories for your new wig? We compiled this affordable bundle which is cost efficient and saves you time and money! This bundle has all your essential items including a sturdy 22” wig canvas head, a 30-piece t-pin set, and a sturdy table suction wig stand. Everything in this package is designed for your convenience, including anytime you need to travel, work, head to special occasions, and more. The durable items included in this package are so easy to use and is made of high-quality materials so you are prepared to style your wig by using the canvas mannequin head as your model.

Product Features:


  • CONVENIENCE: The essential items included in this bundle are combined for your convenience when you need to style your wig.
  • VERSATILE: This portable kit has an endless amount of options.
  • DURABLE: These items are made out of quality, long-lasting materials that are water-resistant and ideal for styling your wet or dry wig.
  • EASY TO USE: This set allows you to easily style your wig since the table suction cup holds the canvas mannequin in place. The mannequin head also allows you to easily style your wig since it you can insert the t-pins to hold the wig in place.