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Discover The Lace WiGrip Wig Grip Comfort Band for Lace Wigs & Lace Frontals

WG by Milano Collection has a specially patented design on the revolutionary Lace WiGrip. This wig grip band is specially made to be worn under all of your lace wigs and lace frontals for a seamless transition. Enjoy the benefits of a glueless lace wig install which include protecting your natural hair and curls, protecting your edges and baby hair, and saving time every morning not having to glue your wig down.

The Lace WiGrip™ features a premium, reinforced Swiss lace on the front hairline and part that creates a seamless and undetectable transition under any type of lace featured wig or frontal. This lace wig brand secure method offers an adjustable, one-size-fits-all design that fits a variety of head sizes ranging from 18” to 24” in circumference. It’s skin-colored lace is compatible with all shades of skin tones and comes in two different colors: nude and brown. This unique brand provides a completely seamless, undetectable transition for daily wear.

Why is the Lace WiGrip Glueless Wig Install Method Better?

Secure your lace wigs while saving time and protecting your hair!

Protect Your Natural Hair and Curls

Our WiGrip is soft, breathable and gentle on your natural hair. Protect your curls and never worry about pulling, breakage or damage again! Our soft velvety band is ideal for anyone looking to give their natural hair a break from relaxers, product or glues. Simply braid or slick your hair back in a low bun, put our Lace WiGrip band on and slip your lace unit on! It’s that simple.

Protect Your Edges and Baby Hairs

We know how much we all love our edges and baby hairs and we deserve to keep them looking their very best! Avoid glueing your wig everyday by trying our Lace WiGrip. This method enables you to take a break from damaging glues and adhesives and enables you to install your lace units without any damage. Give your edges time to recover and grow in beautifully with the help from our Lace WiGrip!

Enjoy All Day Security and Avoid Wig Slippage

Are you tired of having embarrassing moments where your wig slips or the stress worrying about it throughout the day? With WG by Milano’s Lace WiGrip you will never have to worry about this again! Our patented material provides a friction between your wig and your scalp that enables your wig to stay in place all day long. It’s even rollercoaster proof! Jump, dance and be confident in your lace unit wigs and frontals with our Lace WiGrip.

As Seen On

Have you heard what everyone in the lace wig-wearing world is raving about? The Lace WiGrip and WiGrip™ have been featured in major publications including Essence Magazine and Stylecaster!


The Lace WiGrip prevents any wig related tensions. It eliminates wig-related headaches by placing a soft, comfortable barrier between the wig's cap.


Reinforced diamond stitching on Swiss lace for a seamless transition A unique blend of absorbent fibers makes the new Lace WiGrip lightweight yet durable for daily wear in any weather or in any type of physical activity. It is also gentle on your hair and protects your edges.


The Lace WiGrip offers an adjustable strap. This unique design offers a one-size-fits all solution so you can quickly tailor to your preferences and head size with ease.

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