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Lace WiGrip™ Wig Grip Band

Introducing Milano Collection’s latest revolution to the WiGrip: the new Lace WiGrip™ (patented) offers the perfect secure method solution for lace wigs, lace frontals, and more!

The Lace WiGrip™ features a premium, heavy-duty reinforced Swiss lace on the hairline and part that creates a seamless and undetectable transition under any type of lace featured wig. This lace wig brand secure method offers an adjustable, one-size-fits-all design that fits a variety of head sizes ranging from 18” to 24” in circumference. Its skin-colored lace is compatible with all shades of skin tones and comes in two different colors: nude and brown. This unique brand provides a completely seamless, undetectable transition for daily wear.

This non-slip Lace WiGrip™ features a uniquely designed soft material with maximum hold all day long. Safely secure your wig while protecting your natural hair and edges. This revolutionary Lace WiGrip™ eliminates the need for clips and combs, tape, or glue. It’s the perfect damage-free secure method solution to secure your lace featured wigs.



  • NON-SLIP & SECURE: Uniquely patented construction safely secures your wig and eliminates the need for clips, combs, or glue
  • SEAMLESS: Can be worn with any type of wig and matches any skin tone
  • REINFORCED LACE: Composed of durable, undetectable Swiss lace material
  • COMFORT/LIGHTWEIGHT: Protects edges and eliminates wig-related tensions


The Lace WiGrip prevents any wig related tensions. It eliminates wig-related headaches by placing a soft, comfortable barrier between the wig's cap.


A unique blend of absorbent fibers makes the new Lace WiGrip lightweight yet durable for daily wear in any weather or in any type of physical activity. It is also gentle on your hair and protects your edges.


The Lace WiGrip offers an adjustable strap. This unique design offers a one-size-fits all solution so you can quickly tailor to your preferences and head size with ease.

Adjustable One -Size-Fits-All Band

This simple elastic based design composed of a special patented custom blend of fibers enables for a perfect fit on any head size or shape. Adjustable elastic closure ensures secure non-slip fit that is durable. Machine washable.

  • Comfort
  • Secure
  • Seamless


  • Eliminates wig-related tension from traditional clips and combs
  • Eliminates headaches, tension, and balding
  • Protects your natural hair and edges


  • Eliminates the need for adhesives, fasteners, tape, and glue
  • A unique, specially patented material enables a secure hold on your unit
  • Effortlessly go about your day with a firm grip for no-slipping all day long


  • Swiss lace part and hairline to create a seamless, undetectable transition
  • Can be worn with any type of wig: lace tops and French tops
  • Comes with two perfect shade options to match skin tone or hair tones
  • Eliminates bulk with a thin material for a seamless look

"Previously, I bought an expensive wig that was always slipping back. I added clips but those were painful to take on and off everyday. So, during the day I would constantly check mirrors to ensure it was pulled up. With the wig grip, I havent worried about slip once. It doesnt move AT ALL! After carrying my backpack and it pulling on my wig, there was still no slip!!!! BUY THIS PRODUCT!"

Kaitlyn W.

"So I ordered this wig grip on Thursday and received it on Saturday. I tried it on right away with my new wig I ordered on amazon and once I added an elastic band to the wig this wig grip made it feel so secure and thanks to the new improvements its not noticeable under the wig"

Nicole Lee

"I think only real wig wearers will understand this review...This is a great. This band actually has lace. In the past my hair began to thin in the section of my hair that the wig band could not cover. Before due to the velvet being too bulky or too exposed I had to place the grip further back on my hairline exposing my edges to possible damage, but now my edges are protected. I don't have to expose the portion of scalp to make the part look more realistic. With the lace Wigrip I am able to protect my edges at all times without the bulkiness of the velvet band on my part."


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