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Milano Collection’s latest revolution to the WiGrip: the new Lace GripCap (Patented) offers the perfect secure method solution for lace wigs, lace frontals, and more! The Lace GripCap features a premium, heavy-duty reinforced Swiss lace on the hairline and part that creates a seamless and undetectable transition under any type of lace featured wig. This lace wig band and wig cap secure method offers an adjustable, one-size-fits-all design that fits a variety of head sizes ranging from 18” to 24” in circumference. Its skin-colored lace is compatible with all shades of skin tones and the cap comes in two different colors: nude and brown. This unique brand provides a completely seamless, undetectable transition for daily wear. This Wig Band and Wig Cap hybrid feature a uniquely designed soft material with maximum hold all day long. Safely secure your wig while protecting your natural hair and edges. This revolutionary Lace GripCap eliminates the need for clips and combs, tape, or glue. It’s the perfect damage-free secure method solution to secure your lace featured wigs while providing the ultimate comfort and wear.


Milano Collection's latest product for lace wigs and lace frontals offers something truly revolutionary for wig wearers. The new Lace GripCap (Patented) features a unique design that is an amazing value. Say goodbye to having to remove and dispose of thin wig cap stockings on a regular basis and say hello to a comfortable, machine washable wig cap that will last for many wears to come. This durable long-lasting wig cap is paired with our popular Lace WiGrip wig band for the dual functionality that makes securing your lace wig a breeze!


Milano Collection's all-in-one Lace GripCap combines the popular Lace WiGrip wig band with the durable, comfortable patented GripCap wig cap for the perfect duo for any lace wig wearer.


Wearing lace wigs doesn't have to be uncomfortable anymore with Milano's New Lace GripCap! This revolutionary product offers a soft bamboo cotton cap and soft Lace WiGrip material for a luxury patented barrier between your scalp and wig.


Milano Collection is the original creator of the WiGrip and GripCap. We have addressed the many concerns that lace wig wearers have when it comes to a front lace transition with our new lace GripCap. Enjoy security of the GripCap plus enjoy a seamless lace transition!


Milano Collection's new Lace GripCap (patent-pending) offers a unique one-size fits all solution with it's stretchable velvet wig grip band and stretchable bamboo-cotton blend cap.

The Lace GripCap Is The Ultimate In Wig Comfort

2-in-1 Design with Best-Selling Lace WiGrip


  • This all-in-one specially patented design by Milano Collection offers the perfect solution for wig wearers, hair-loss patients, and more
  • It combines Milano's Collection popular Original WiGrip Comfort Band and premium wig cap into one convenient product


The Ultimate Protective Barrier


  • The GripCap creates a comfortable barrier between the wig and scalp that is perfect for sensitive skin
  • It secures your wig without needing glue, tape, or wig clips
  • It also eliminates headaches, tension points, and discomfort
  • It is perfect for hair-loss or giving your hair a break


The Ultimate Value


  • Wig stocking caps can add up over consistent purchasing and wearing
  • Save time and money with the reusable all-in-one Lace GripCap
  • It is machine washable and can be air dried
  • Reusable; Wear it dozens of times

  • SECURE YOUR WIG while protecting your scalp and hair with the Milano Collection's All-In-One Lace GripCap! The velvet Lace WiGrip band holds your wig on while protecting edges and creating a natural part. The attached cap helps to keep your wig from slipping by providing added friction.


  • BREATHABLE COMFORT means you can look your best all day! Like our separate Lace WiGrip, the velvet band is fully adjustable, so you can make it as tight or loose as you need. The cap itself is made from a blend of cotton and bamboo-derived fibers, letting your scalp breath and stay cool.


  • ONE DESIGN FITS ALL hair types. No matter how much or how little hair you have, the Lace GripCap provides total coverage and gripping power. The lace mesh protects your frontal edges and creates a natural looking part. For bald wig wearers, the soft cap is gentle and provides protection to sensitive scalps.


  • MATCH YOUR SKIN or hair tone, whichever works best for your needs. The Lace GripCap comes in brown and tan, giving you the flexibility you need to blend hair and skin, creating a more natural look.


  • MADE FOR FREQUENT WEAR. The Lace GripCap has been designed specifically to be worn all day, every day. It is machine washable on a gentle cycle, with a delicates friendly detergent. Allow to air dry. Machine drying may distort or warp the shape.

"I am new to wearing wigs and really haven't quite figured out how to get my long, thick hair all into the net caps without it sliding around or being super bulky. So far this has been the winner! I finally tested it out at work and my first day it was great. Second day I used it, I did have a little bit of a sliding issue at first but I wore a hat to cover the cheapo roots on the wig I was wearing so that could have been the problem too. Either way I can say I am very happy and would definitely recommend, especially for beginners) my work had no idea I have hot pink and purple hair lol"


"My wigs get lose after a couple months this really helped secure it and love part my wig doesnt feel like its flopping around my head no Bobby pins also laid my braids down especially in the back where they bunch up Im natural haired with very thick hair so I like this I have a big head so Im happy its adjustable"


"I really like this cap. It is perfect for wigs with lace closures and blends in well with the lace. I like that the cap is durable but isnt bulky and is adjustable to fit my head. I will definitely repurchase in the future."


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