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Milano Collection’s GripCap features the original WiGrip band and a built in wig cap which further secures your wig from sliding around without the need for clips, tape, or glue. The GripCap can be used by anyone, including those with hair, anyone experiencing thinning hair, or those who are bald. It comes in tan and brown so you easily blend it in by picking the shade that matches your skin tone or wig color.

It can also easily be worn by women with natural hair by securing any length of hair in place underneath your wig. All you have to do is align the wig cap with your natural hairline on the front of your head and use the adjustable velcro band on the back to tailor it to your preferred sizing. It will discreetly flatten and hide your natural hair, including preventing the excessive flyaways from slipping out.

For those who are balding, the GripCap is a perfect way to add a breathable protective layer between one’s head and the wig’s interior lining. The softness of the material also protects against any scratching and discomfort caused by the friction of the wig rubbing against your head.

This easy to clean GripCap features a thin yet sturdy barrier that helps keep your wig clean and free of any excessive oil, sweat and build up. After wearing it all day, you can easily wash it on a delicate cycle and continue reusing it.



  • NON-SLIP & SECURE: Uniquely patented construction safely secures your wig and eliminates the need for clips, combs, or glue. Close diamond stitching prevents rolling.
  • SEAMLESS: Can be worn with any type of wig and matches any skin tone
  • PATENTED REINFORCED LACE: Reinforced lace in front to prevent tearing + lace on hairline to prevent bulk in front. Composed of durable, undetectable Swiss lace material to eliminate bulkiness along the front hairline.
  • COMFORT: Protects edges and eliminates wig-related tensions with a glueless secure method
  • DIMENSIONS: 23” x 2.25” inches but stretches up to 24” inches
  • DISCLAIMER: Using excessive oil based hair products may cause slippage.

All-In-One WiGrip + Wig Cap Features


Designed for those with hair, thinning hair, or those who are completely bald. It can hold all your natural hair in place or create a protective barrier to eliminate discomfort caused by unnecessary friction from your wig sliding around.


The GripCap is composed of a thin blend of cotton and bamboo-derived fibers that lets your scalp breathe yet acts as an extra layer of warmth during the colder months.


Designed with a velcro band to adjust to your head circumference and your preferred sizing for utmost comfort.

Any Closed Wefted Wig Wearer

This all-in-one specially patented design by Milano Collection offers the perfect solution for wig wearers, hair lss patients, and more. It combines Milano's Collection popular Original WiGrip Comfort Band and premium wig cap into one convenient product.

"This wig cap IS THE TRUTH let me tell you. The regular/cheaper wig caps always broke me out and put tension around my edges. I havent tried it with a human hair wig, but I bought it when i bought my first synthetic wig and its soooo comfy. I headbanged with it on, and the wig didnt move an inch??. Pricey, but its def worth it. No glue for me ever :)"


"Found this wig cap to be comfortable, breathable and very secure. I have a small head and sometimes finding an enhancement can be a challenge, however with the use of this wig cap I was able to wear my wig with confidence. No slippage! I would highly suggest this to anyone with a small head. The cap also has an adjustable Velcro closing which I found to be nice. This product is also washable. #satisfiedcustomer"


"Absolutely the best. I am new to wearing wigs and was getting alittle discouraged because I couldn't keep them from slipping. So annoying. But the Milanno GripCap took care of that problem. No pins needed!! Just the cap. Super comfortable. Thank you !


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