Deluxe Table Clamp

Milano Collection deluxe wig table clamp is sturdy and it also has a lever to ensure the suction cup adheres to your flat surface. The handle at the top allows you to swivel it in any direction to provide you with the easiest angle to style your wig for any occasion. This specially designed suction table clamp offers a unique solution for wig-making, wig-styling, display, storage, and more. Undeniably durable and stable on any flat surfaces, this table suction table clamp offers a unique solution for on-the-go and ultimate mobility.

Product Features:

  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: It is so easy to use that you can travel with it for business trips and more since it is easy to assemble and disassemble so you can quickly create a beautiful and lightweight wig style
  • VERSATILITY: This wig suction table stand can be used for both brushing and styling your wig to create the perfect look for any occasion
  • DURABLE: This long-lasting and sturdy wig suction table stand will safely secure your mannequin head when you style your wig

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