Chic 18" One-Piece Black Synthetic Hair Extension + FREE Baseball Hat

About the Product: 

Chic Attachable Hair is a unique, interchangeable Hair & Hat Extension system that adds length, body & color dimension to your hair.

  • Easy to Install-Fasten your Chic Extension directly to a variety of trendy hats
  • Stress Free- Avoids the need for clipping, bonding or taping hair
  • Adds volume and flair to your hair in an instant.

Enjoy all the fabulous benefits of hair extensions without the strain, discomfort & time constraints.

Includes a FREE Custom Designed Baseball Hat with custom lining for attaching the Chic hair extension.



  • Style
  • Fashion
  • Attitude

.... in just moments and transform yourself to be the envy of the crowd.


Material & Size:

  • 100% Heat Resistant (up to 320°) Polyester
  • Total Density: Approx. 160 grams
  • Full Extension: - Ear to Ear: 14 7/8” - Crown to Nape: 7” - Occipital: Adjustable - Hair Length: 21” - Top Layer: 18” 


  • Before washing, connect the protective cover to the hook & loop strip on the Extension.
  • Gently wash Extension in a basin using cold water and mild shampoo. Always wash Extension in downward strokes from the top of the hair towards the bottom.
  • Dab gently with a towel to remove excess water. Do not squeeze or twist while still wet, spray with leave-in conditioner for synthetic hair.
  • Do not apply extreme heat to the hair. Temperature must not exceed 320° when using hair dryer or curling iron. Use curling iron on dry hair only. Brush or comb when hair is dry.
  • It is recommended to store your Extension on a mannequin head when not in use. This helps maintain style and shape. You may also leave the Extension attached to a hat and place it on a mannequin head.

* Patented in the USA and other countries. All rights reserved.