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  • The Lace Wig Essentials Kit includes a Canvas Cork Block, Table Clap, 3 Pack Adjustable Wig Straps, 6 Clips, 2 Combs and 15 T-Pins.
  • CANVAS CORK BLOCK: WG by Milano Collection's Canvas Cork Block Head is made of 100% cork lined with durable canvas. This sturdy wig head has been designed to accommodate most sizes of wig caps for easily making wigs and styling while keeping your wig's shape. Our canvas block features a 1" universal hole at the bottom that fits most tripods, c-clamps and suction stands, Our 22" wig head has been designed to resonate the actual size of most adult human's head shape and size. Please allow 0.3 inch size variance.
  • FREE T-PINS & CANVAS BAG: Each Milano Collection Cork Head comes with FREE 15 piece stainless steel T-Pins and a complimentary canvas drawstring bag. Perfect for wig-making and styling on-the-go, at home, or at the office.
  • TABLE CLAMP: It easily clamps onto tables and desks for optimal wig-making and styling versatility. This strong professional-grade material is composed of sturdy, durable metal material. It features a 1” universal opening and is compatible with most wig heads and blocks for wig-making and styling. The swivel top allows you to move it in any direction.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: The elastic band is uniquely designed to be easily adjusted in the center with ease. This range allows for easy adjusting with your wig on unlike other competitor models where you have to hook it in the center and cannot adjust. Our adjustable elastic strap allows your wig to be installed 100% glueless! This is helpful in getting your unit to lay flat easily and you can change your wigs with ease. Simply sew the sides onto any wig and attach the strap using our hook and eye closures. You can easily add it onto any wig.
  • CLIPS & COMBS: High quality metal clip with rubber silicone tips for a u-shape design for maximum grip and comfort. Gentle and great for all hair extensions, toupees, toppers and wigs. The clips are a medium size of 1 1/4" " and the combs are 1 ½” and 2 ¾”in length.