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  • DURABLE: This 22" mannequin head is made of a durable canvas material that keeps the wig’s shape and form and is easy to maintain.
  • VERSATILITY: The mannequin is so multi-functional that it can also double as storage.
  • EASY TO USE: This canvas mannequin is hassle-free and allows you to easily style your wig since you can insert t-pins.


WG by Milano's Canvas Cork Block Head is made of 100% cork lined with durable canvas. This sturdy wig head has been designed to accommodate most sizes of wig caps for easily making wigs and styling while keeping your wig's shape. Our canvas block features a 1" universal hole at the bottom that fits most tripods, c-clamps and suction stands.


Milano Collection's wig head is made from 100% cork. Cork is a durable, water resistant and lightweight material.


Our 22" wig head has been designed to resonate the actual size of most adult human's head shape and size. Please allow 0.3 inch size variance.


Each Milano Collection Cork Head comes with FREE 15 piece stainless steel T-Pins and a complimentary canvas drawstring bag. Perfect for wig-making and styling on-the-go, at home, or at the office.

"I ordered this soft wig stand and use it to hold/display wigs, hats, etc. You can also use it for wig making. It is soft and stands up on it's own. The bottom is also designed so you can put it on a stand. Very pleased with this. Seems like good quality."

Midwest Midlife

"Soft wig stand is great for wig making. Wig head can also be used to rest wigs. The only thing is make sure you protect the wig holder because the wig glue stains the canvas during wig making."


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