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Milano Collection’s new abstract wig and mannequin head is shaped to best fit any style wig or headpiece. Our PVC oval-dome shaped head allow you to style and display your wig with ease. Brush, comb, or detangle your wig, add stunning curls or flat iron with ease. Our premium heads are strong and durable and compatible with t-pins when styling your wig. Use this abstract mannequin on top of your vanity, closet, store front, and more.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT: Lightweight yet sturdy, these salon quality wig heads are durable and stylish while maintaining your wig’s shape and style.
  • STYLING COMPANION: Whether your wig is long, short, or mid-length, curly, wavy or straight, the head is perfect for styling.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Lightweight, portable PVC wig head that is transportable. Perfect for use in the salon, at home, in your clients' homes and for travel.
  • UNIVERSAL CLAMP HOLE: Designed with a universal 1” hole at the bottom, this wig head mannequin will fit perfectly on most wig clamps and stands.
  • DIMENSIONS: 17.25”L X 10.5” W X 20.25” Circumference

"Beautiful Mannequin head ! I didnt read the caption I thought that it would be made out cheap styrofoam but its actually made out of PVC. It looks extremely elegant and expensive thanks to the nice glossy finish ! I definitely need to get more !"

Chrissy Mendes

"The head looks really nice - white, glossy and perfect shape. No ears. The head circumference is about 21 inches - an inch smaller than mine, but it is still in the acceptable range. It has a plastic reinforced hole in the bottom to attach it to a clamp. It is tall enough to display longer hair, too. I got it for blocking, displaying and photographing knitted hats that I make. It seems to be really good for this purpose, too. It looks so elegant!


"even though it doesnt have full shoulder length, it's extremely sturdy and never wobbles wherever i put it. it's hefty but that is what helps keep it in place when it is sitting upright. i love it! i truly think its one of the best you can get your hands on. half of my kids think its freaky and try to punch it but the other half of them thinks it looks pretty cool and they leave it alone lol. but it's holding up well after everything so i crown it a winner."

Jaguar Jessie J

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