16" Professional Wig Mannequin Head

Are you looking for help to make or style your wig? Milano’s silicone mannequin head acts as the perfect solution for making or styling a wig with its 360° swivel capabilities to give you a 360° view and help you put your vision to life. This convenient mannequin head makes it simple for you to style or make your wig. This silicone mannequin head is compatible with metal t-pins that can be inserted into your silicone head. This universally compatible mannequin head features a 1” bottom hole fits most table c-clamps, tripods, suction clamps and displays. It’s the perfect solution for wig-makers, wig-wearers, and cosmetologists alike.

Product Features:


  • DURABLE: This mannequin head is made of a durable and lightweight silicone material that keeps the wig’s shape and form and is easy to maintain
  • VERSATILITY: The mannequin is so multi-functional that it can also double as storage and display
  • CONVENIENCE: This travel-friendly mannequin is hassle-free and allows you to easily style your wig