Scalp Illusion Kit

Wonder how to make your lace wigs or lace frontals match your natural scalp and hide grids & knots in lace without having to bleach the knots? Look no further, Milano's Scalp Illusion Kit offers a quick and easy alternative which will give part and hairline a more natural appearance that looks more like your natural scalp. 

Milano’s Scalp Illusion Kit offers the perfect solution for anyone looking to conceal knots on their lace top or lace featured wig and make the part and hairline of their wig look unbelievably natural. Milano’s revolutionary Scalp Illusion Kit comes in a wide variety of customizable shades in a cream wig makeup palette. This palette ranges from white-based shades to yellow tones to warmer tones that can mimic the appearance of all scalps. 

Scalp Illusion Palette

We created the Scalp Illusion Palette for every lace wig wearer that wants a flawless scalp look. This cream palette can be used on any brand of wig or frontal and will match all skin tones. Customize your perfect shade by using a combination of colors from the cream palette to achieve your desired color match. Colors are a matte finish for a seamless, realistic look. This palette comes with five shades ranging from light to dark and a double-sided brush with an angled side and a spoolie for optimal blending.

Scalp Illusion Palette Shades For Skin & Scalp Tone:

  • Cream: White-Based Scalp Tones
  • Vanilla: Yellow-Based Scalp Tones
  • Peach: Light Skin Tone
  • Latte: Medium Skin Tone
  • Mocha: Dark Skin Tone

Hairline Brush

Use the two-sided Hairline Brush to tease with one end and blend with the other. This teasing Hairline Brush enables you to gently tease the front hair of your lace wig or frontal to create some lift and volume. The angled side of the Hairline Brush enables you to blend your natural hairline and part with the use of the wig make up concealer cream to create the most seamless transition from skin to lace.

Scalp Illusion Directions:

  1. Turn your lace wig or frontal inside out 
  2. Lightly dab the concealer cream along the whole part-line from underneath the lace. 
  3. Apply slight pressure with the spoolie underneath the lace on the part line to blend the wig makeup concealer cream more evenly. 
  4. Apply with the angled brush the lightest shade on the part-line on top of the wig while holding the hair away from the part-line. 
  5. Apply slight pressure with the spoolie on the part to blend the concealer evenly. 
  6. Repeat step 2 & 3 as needed to achieve your desired look
  7. To create a flawless look- tease the hair back to create a natural lift by the part It is important to apply lightly to achieve a natural look. Apply wig concealer cream after every wash or as needed.

  • VERSATILITY: Milano’s Scalp Illusion Kit offers a unique solution for wig wearers of any skin-tone with this customizable 5 tone palette
  • CONVENIENT: This thin, sleekly designed wig makeup palette is perfect to take with you for touch-ups on your lace wig whenever needed
  • EASY: This blendable wig makeup glides easily onto your wig for quick touch-ups on your part and hairline
  • SEAMLESS: Creates a natural scalp effect that effectively covers knots and grid marks from the lace
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Mix and match shades from the palette to create the perfect shade that looks just like your own natural scalp