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IDEAL FOR LACE Frontals, Toppers, and Lace Wigs

To ensure a secure fit please secure the lace topper to the Lace TopGrip. Align the lace on the TopGrip to the part on the lace topper. It may require to adjust the placement of your existing clips or add new clips. To avoid slipping please wear the TopGrip in the front just behind hairline.

  • SECURITY: Soft designed velour to create a secure grip. Allows comfortable wear with a secure fit
  • COMFORT: Reduces and/or eliminates topper-related tensions from traditional clips and combs attached to hair.
  • ONE-SIZE FITS MOST: Adjustable strap to secure snugly around the circumference of the head Translucent adjustable strap to conceal the grip.
  • SEAMLESS TRANSITION: Reinforced lace composed of durable, undetectable Swiss lace material. Can be worn with most toppers and matches any skin tone.
  • DIMENSIONS: The TopGrip measures 9.5” x 2.75” Weight: 0.9 oz.

"Overall a good product. I used this with an 8x8 topper and clipped the front clips to the band to eliminate tension. It works great but would not hold the topper in place without using the other clips. Glad to see a grip on the market for toppers! Otherwise it's comfortable to wear, doesn't give you a headache and is easy to use!"


"Great product for keeping a topper still. I have jet black hair so brown wasnt the best color for me but luckily my topper is thick so you cant see it.


"Love this band, no clips digging in ! Super comfy and adjustable"


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