Freedom Lining Kit Brown

Whether you are repairing an existing wig or designing your own wig, the Milano Sew-In Freedom Cap Lining Kit is the perfect solution for the ultimate comfort and protection. It is perfect to secure your wig in place without the need for clips, combs, or glue. This Freedom Cap lining kit helps eliminate any wig-related tension by creating a comfortable barrier between your wig and scalp. No longer is it necessary to pay the high cost of customizing the options of your wig. With this solution, you can transform ANY wig into this customized option. 


  • SECURE: Secures your wig in place without the use of clips, combs, glues or tapes.
  • COMFORT: Eliminates wig-related tension by creating a comfortable barrier between your wig and scalp.
  • VALUE: Instead of replacing your wig cap, it can be used for repairing worn or torn inside lining of wigs.