The Benefits of The Wig Grip Band Secure Method for Lace Wigs

The Benefits of The Wig Grip Band Secure Method for Lace Wigs

All About the Lace WiGrip 

At WG by Milano we are all about lace wig accessories for an easier and more comfortable wig install that eliminated the need for glueing your units to your head. Our wide range of wig grip bands, wig caps and wig-making tools offer our customers with everything they need to make wigs at home and do quick, easy glueless wig installations. 

This wig grip band is specially made to be worn under all of your lace wigs and lace frontals for a seamless transition. Enjoy the benefits of a glueless lace wig install which include protecting your natural hair and curls, protecting your edges and baby hair, and saving time every morning not having to glue your wig down.

The Lace WiGrip™ features a premium, reinforced Swiss lace on the front hairline and part that creates a seamless and undetectable transition under any type of lace featured wig or frontal. This lace wig brand secure method offers an adjustable, one-size-fits-all design that fits a variety of head sizes ranging from 18” to 24” in circumference. It’s skin-colored lace is compatible with all shades of skin tones and comes in two different colors: nude and brown. This unique brand provides a completely seamless, undetectable transition for daily wear.

Why you should try the wig grip secure method?

Our WiGrip and Lace WiGrip has been nationally publicized for it’s game-changing revolution in the wig world! We have been published in Essence Magazine and Stylecaster for our innovative GripLine bands and wig caps. Our revolutionary Lace WiGrip wig grip can be used under lace wigs and lace frontals. You will never have to deal with fussing around with glue, tape, or clips ever again! 


Say goodbye to worrying about your wig slipping!

As long as you have the Lace WiGrip band and your lace wig units won’t be moving around throughout the day. Go out with confidence knowing your hair looks great and your wig is secured!

Protect your edges and natural hair 

While wearing wigs can be a great way to change up your style, it is still important to maintain your beautiful natural hair and curls. A durable wig grip band will ensure your edges are protected and free from breakage and damage. Our revolutionary wig grip bands and caps cover your hairline but do not pull or damage your baby hairs and curls like traditional nylon wig cap stockings do. since there is less tension pulling. Installing your units with the wig grip band method offers fully functional security without the use of adhesives. You will  no longer have to worry about hair breakage or the loss of your edges around your hairline caused by consistent gluing

The Lace WiGripwig grip comfort band is completely customizable which makes it a perfect fit for you! The adjustability of this wig band allows for you to size it to your scalp for an accurate and comfortable fit.

Shop the best-selling GripLine from WG by Milano for a wide range of glueless secure methods. 

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